Four Reasons To Learn About Stepfamilies

#1. Stepfamily relationships are everywhere.

  • One out of three children under 18 lives in a stepfamily.
  • 42% of American adults are currently in a close step relationship.
  • 40% of older couples are part of a stepfamily.

#2. The challenges are intense.

  • The phrase “blended family” does not describe the daily experience of  most people who live in a stepfamily, especially in the early years.
  • The challenges can be overwhelming for both adults and kids.

#3. What works is not intuitive.

  • Blogs, tweets, and Facebook pages are dispensing well-meaning, but all too often, misleading advice.

#4. We do know what works!

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Did You Know

7 Tips for Parenting, Stepparenting, and Discipline in Stepfamilies

1. Research tells us that, for many children, becoming a stepfamily is harder and takes more time, than divorce. Stepfamilies are generally easier for children eight and under, and for boys. They are harder for girls (including, in my experience, for adult daughters of older recoupling dads). They are especially hard for young teen girls. 2…. Read More